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Welcome to Coca-Cola Amatil Online

This site has been designed to host online training for Coca-Cola Amatil contractors



 Supply Chain Drivers:


 1. Ask your site liaison contact to request an account and give them required information.

 2. They will advise your Username and Password within one (1) working day.

 3. Use your Username and Password to login.  Click on the  My Account tab to see the courses you have been enrolled in.

     Should you have any queries please email:

 Other First Time Users:


1. If you are new to this platform please create your account by clicking on REGISTER 


  •    When creating your Username, please use the format: firstname.lastname. For example: john.smith
  •    If this username is already taken, please add a number or your company to the end of your username. For example: john.smith123

2. Make a note of your log in details for next time.

   Once registered you will automatically be logged in. 

   Should you have any queries registering please email: 

3. Click on the  My Account tab to see the courses you have been enrolled in. 

 All users will be automatically enrolled in the Contractor Site Induction, please note it may take 10 minutes for this enrollement to show in your My Account tab.

    If a Course you need to complete that is not in your My Account tab:

  • Click on the Course Catalogue tab
  • View all courses available. Select the Course catalogue, and then select the course.
  • Enrol in a course (by selecting the enroll symbol which is a red apple)
  • Click on the My Account tab to commence the course. Select Go, and the course will load in a new window.





You can view all the courses available and also enrol yourself to the ones you want

2. MY ACCOUNT - Take your courses

  •           This is the place where you want to go to take a course you are already enrolled into. All you need to do is click on GO and the course    will upload in a different window
  •           You will be automatically enrolled in some courses (you should be notified by email if you are).
  •           Under this tab you will also see what courses are overdue or have expired, and the ones you have completed
  •           You can print certificates for the courses you have completed
  •           You can print a list of all the courses you have completed
  •           You can manage your personal information under the My Profile menu


Having difficulties registering? 

Ensure you have filled in all fields (including mobile number and site liaison contact). If any fields are missing, the system will prompt you to complete.


Having difficulties loading the module?

If the module takes more than a few minutes to load, close down the module and try relaunching it. It should only take a minute or two to load, but may occasionally be slow depending on internet speed.


Ensuring score records correctly

Be sure to follow the instructions when exiting a module. Wait a few moments for the score to record. Click on My Account to check that your records have been recorded correctly.

If there is an error when exiting the module, try relaunching the module, and jump straight to the quiz.The score should record correctly and cancel any error.


Printing Certificates

Once you have successflly passed a module, select the My Account tab. A new icon will now be visible in the bottom left of the screen called My Certificates. Click on this to see and print your certificates.


Cannot access training before visiting a CCA Site?

Many of our sites have a dedicated computer at security. If you have not been able to access this training, please ensure you arrive early to complete the online module.


For assistance or further questions, contact your site liaison or send your queries to

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